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Web-based business Systems for IT industry

Grebe Systems is a privately-held Vancouver-based Internet startup. We are building an easy-to-use suite of subscription-based business systems geared towards the needs of small (1-50 employees) Information Technology (IT) companies.

The suite is comprised of products that a company can pick and choose from as needed. Although all produts are designed to integrate with and complement each other, none relies on another for the core functionality it implements.


Grebe Invoicing

Automated and manual invoicing of clients

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Grebe Project Manager

Facilitates collaboration on projects

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Grebe Time Tracker

Track time spent per issue, project, and client

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Grebe Calendar

Simplifies scheduling of events

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Grebe Accounting

Keeps track of money coming in or going out

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Grebe Support

A customer support ticket system

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Grebe Issue Tracker

Tracks defects, issues, and tasks in projects

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Grebe Info Manager

For information and knowledge management

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Grebe Personnel

Manages payroll and employee information

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We are currently building our development team. To apply for a position below, please send your resume in confidence to

Operations Engineer

  • Expert Ubuntu administrator
  • Ability to provision VPS - we use Linode
  • Ability to build Docker containers
  • Git revision control (expert level) - we host our own git repositories
  • Ability to set up monitoring, logging, and integration testing infrastructure
  • Scripting (bash or php) for automation
  • Practical knowledge of LAMP stack

Database Developer

  • Experience with with open source database programs in general and PostgreSQL in particular (expert level)
  • Database normalization and optimization skills
  • DBA skills including practical knowledge of advanced topics such as clustering and replication>
  • Ability to deploy for high availability and scalability

Front-end Developer

  • Ability to write semantic HTML markup and produce clean CSS by hand - see the source for this page as example of what we would expect you to produce
  • Some familiarity with jQuery - we use it in a very limited fashion
  • Must be experienced with Git revision control
  • Some LAMP experience desired

Graphic Artist

  • Experience with open source graphics and image manipulation programs such as GIMP - we do not use Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Ability to draw with pen and paper (portfolio required)